SeamiArt 24Color Neone Akvarely Barvy Sada Dárky Box Akvarel Pigment pro malíře, který maluje Akvarel Papír Potřeby

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435.94 Kč 622.66 Kč
  • Skladem
  • w452

  • Typ: Vody Barva Barvy
  • Balení: Sada
  • Věk: >8 LET
  • Značka: SeamiArt
  • Malování Střední: Papír
  • Kapacita: 8ml
  • barva: 24color
  • Akvarel Typ: Semi-Suché Akvarel
  • Číslo Modelu: SMY-PT24SC

Neone Akvarel Barvy Sada

SeamiArt 24Color Semi-Suchý Akvarel Barvy Sada Dárky Box Barva Vody Pigment pro Umělce, Malba, Akvarel, Papír, Dodávek 24Color Semi-Suchý Akvarel Pigment Set 1.Každý Akvarel Plné Pan 8ml Akvarely 2.Vhodné pro Čínská Malba, akvarel, Malování atd.,

Kirby Oot
Very bright, smooth paints. Great for anyone who wants to try this style of watercolour!
they are very pretty but there was this smell to them that was slightly alarming. very good colors, easy to paint but they smelt very bad. made me wonder if I shouldn't let my daughter use them.
Vinicius Vinicius V
Beautiful colors and texture watercolor is beautiful on paper. Has a very strong smell. But the material is a very good quality, arrived fast and individual boxes are much larger than normal. The ink will not to the edge of the boxes but comes a good amount and yields enough when used.
Soquino Ferlee
Recommend!!! Excellent quality, vibrant colors and original pigments.

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